Andrew can personally offer spectacular live fights from throughout the ages that can bring excitement to any occasion. Offering breathtaking Armour fights as two Men at Arms fight in glistening full plate Armour, Elizabethan rapier and dagger and 18th century duellists to name a few. All are performed with a thought provoking yet humorous script full of historical facts followed with a Q & A session and weapons handling. The shows last 40-45 minutes making them ideal for corporate evenings and events of all shapes and sizes as well as Museums and Heritage sites alike. Andrew has been offering these demonstrations for many years and has performed at the Royal Armouries, Victoria and Albert Museum, the Royal Albert Hall, the world famous Tower of London and many English Heritage sites. Andrew has also performed a number of these for the students and Instructors at the Paddy Crean IOSP- WORKSHOP- Banff centre, Canada. Prices start at £200. For more information contact Andrew at:

E-mail: andrew@andrewbalmforth.com  Mobile: 07852 633416 
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