Affiliated Member: The Independent Fight Director’s Guild.
1993-1996 L.A.M.D.A Three year Diploma in Performing Arts
1995 Society of British Fight Directors Advanced Certificate
1998 British Academy of Dramatic Combat Advanced level: Gold
1997-1999 Teaching Apprenticeship: Jonathan Waller: L.A.M.D.A
1997-1999 1998-1999 Attended Workshops and assisted: John Waller, Jonathan Hayes, Gordon Summers, Andy Deane, Jonathan Howell, Renny Krupinski , Andy Frazer.
The World ju-jitsu/ Kobudo Organisation - Blue Belt : Katana/Jo/ Nunchaku/Sai
The World ju-jitsu/ Kobudo Organisation - Red Belt : jai-Jutsu

Teaching Credits:
1999-2001 Drama Studio
1999-2001 London Academy of Theatre
1999-2001 L.A.M.D.A
1999-2001 Guild Hall
2002-2011 Royal Armouries Museum Leeds
2004 The International Medieval Congress in Leeds
2005 Fraser Museum Louisville, Kentucky U.S.A
2007/8 International Order of the Sword and Pen- Banff Centre, Canada.
2008 S.W.A.S.H Leeds
2009 V&A Museum London

E-mail: andrew@andrewbalmforth.com  Mobile: 07852 633416 
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